Short overview of the process

This work was very user-focused by nature, and thus the initial mockups were a result of identifying and interviewing the appropriate stakeholders–in this case, it was the prospective users of this tool and the merchants that we were able to get on board during the beta stage. These wireframes, however, are more for the users as the backend of the product (not shown here) was geared towards merchants. I worked closely with the development team to gain a better grasp of any possible implementation hurdles and to better create the overall spec sheet needed to develop the first minimum viable product release for eDrop.

When we reached the beta stage and first release, I evaluated the set of methods and tools to determine which ones I thought were most applicable to the questions that we wanted answered. All in all, this resulted in setting aside time to reviewed and analyze over 40 total hours of user interviews, questionnaire/survey responses, and other user data in order to identify the key user experience issues that needed to be addressed. From this data I generated a set of primary findings and recommendations for improving the overall user experience within eDrop’s user interface and presented them to relevant stakeholders–which included the founding, development, and marketing team.

I also had the opportunity to work on developing the investor pitch deck (a couple slides from which you can see above), team video (detailing backgrounds and roles of all team members), the short pitch video, and doing a lot of market analysis to give a rough estimate of the overall market size we hoped to penetrate as well as potential competitors and how our model was disruptive.

To view just some of the initial mockups for the user design, feel free to browse on the left.


Interface Design / e-Commerce / Slide Deck

eDrop is a social ecommerce startup based in New Haven, CT. This work was done for the beta UI and pitch presentation.

The Concept: Thousands of dollars are wasted annually on discount deals where you come away paying more. eDrop is a free service that helps you save. Think of it as a shopping experience where you save money by being social i.e. by inviting friends to join you in a deal you can unlock dollar savings that you would otherwise not be able to take advantage of.


Logo Design, Web Design & Development